Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (2010) Review

Attention: Do not read any further if you do not want to know what happens and have not seen the movie. SPOILER ALERT!

Warner Bros. emblem. Cue tears.

I first must start out by saying I really enjoyed the way they opened this scene. Although Bill Nighy’s approach to Rufus Scrimgeour was different than that of the Rufus in the book, I actually liked it more. Considering they hadn’t introduced him in Half Blood Prince it would have made it a little hard and confusing had he been as angry and headstrong as he is in the book. Hermione wiping her parents memories away and watching her fade from all of the pictures. EXCELLENT ADDED SCENE MR. KLOVES. Malfoy Manor. I love Ralph Fiennes is a perfect Voldemort. I’m so glad we get to really see him interpret Voldemort’s character. Charity Burbage. Lucius, Narciss, and Draco scared and fallen from grace. Snape being like “BITCH I KNOW WHAT’S UP. My what the fuck moment was with the mirror piece because I’m like “where’d ya get that Harry?!” I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see much of the Dursley’s because I really wanted that “I don’t think you’re a waste of space” scene between Harry and Dudley, but otherwise I think it effectively brought the audience to realize that shit just got real, real fast. Also, I’m really glad they took out the long winded “In Memoriam” chapter and allowed us to get the jist of it through news paper clippings.

The Seven Potters. Pure perfection. When Harry opened that door and hugged Ron and Hermione, it was so heartwarming. Fred and George’s comic relief. Hermione handle business, like a boss. Mundungus Fletcher. Moody’s sense of urgency. LUPIN AND TONKS <3. DanRad… naked. “Don’t look at me Bill, I’m ‘ideous.” Harry lets Hedwig go (which makes a little more sense to me anyway.) The departure. The immediate ambush of Death Eaters. Finally Hagrid gets to be a little badass. I’m not mad at the way that scene played out… the whole multiple safehouses with Tonks’ parents really wasn’t necessary to the major plot line and I think personally would have dragged. No Stan Shunpike, but who cares because the way that Hedwig came back to protect Harry was ten times better. Cried like a little baby when that spell hit Hedwig. Fo seriously, so sad.

Fallen Warrior-The Wedding. Mad Eye’s death. “Harry is the best hope we have, trust him.” Cue more tears down my face. Ron stopping Harry from leaving. The Will of Albus Dumbledore, short, informative, and to the point. I actually enjoyed the Ginny/Harry interaction. George being a cockblock. No long-winded and unnecessary events to lead up to the wedding, it was just BOOM. Loved that it was like that. Also, no drawn out conversation between Elphias Doge and Aunt Muriel, just the necessities. No Viktor Krum from what I saw unless he was in the background and I just missed it. Hagrid and Madame Maxime. <3 The Lovegoods, just as strange and abnormal and completely amazing. KINGSLEY FUCKING SHACKELBOLT YOU BADASS MOTHERFUCKER YOU.

Hermione saves the day, like usual. Emma even gets to lighten the mood talking about some damn cake for Harry’s birthday. The whole “Hey Harry now you’re 17 so now you can do magic” is not really addressed although they do mention the trace. The cafe scene was comedic and yet dark and sinister. Well played out. I love the immediate return to Grimmwauld Place and the Dumbledore dust ghost thing. RAB is discussed and figured out. KREACHER RETURNS<3 A little sad that he doesn’t get to bond with the trio and tell the entire story but it was sufficient enough for someone who’s never read the books. THE RETURN OF DOBBY<333 when he and Kreacher bring back Mundungus. Dobby, you are so fucking amazing. AMAZING. By the way, the Ron/Hermione interaction was PERFECT, particularly in Grimmwauld Place. I loved every effing second of cuteness that exuded from their amazing chemistry.

No time wasted, the trio head to the Ministry of Magic. I will say that a lot of stuff happens in the first of the movie. It didn’t feel rushed per say, it just felt like it’s a lot to handle. Anyways, they infiltrate the Ministry to get the locket from Umbridge. Amazing stuff there. I was worried about how this scene would play out and it did not disappoint.

Ron is splinched during disapparation and starts to get annoyed at how much time Harry and Hermione spend together. The camping scenes. Now, in the book these made it the book feel soooo long, but they did a nice job of cutting it down. When Ron left I felt so incredibly sad for Hermione. The dance scene between Harry and Hermione. SO EFFING ADORABLE. Made me love DanRad 982374928374 times more!

Cut to Godric’s Hollow. Harry and Hermione at his parents’ graves. Commence more tears of sadness. The Bathilda Shot scenes… EPIC. SOOO GOOD except for the fact I was confused about the fully furnish baby room when Nagini attacked.

Jump to the Silver Doe. THAT SCENE WAS SO FUCKING AMAZING. Seriously. DanRad naked (again) and when Ron destroys the horcrux… I was legit probably as scared as Ron was. The Harry/Hermione kiss… erhm…

The trio goes to the Lovegoods. The graphics for the Tale of the Three Brothers was very, very good. I like that Xeno says Voldemort (the taboo) and the Death Eaters come. They leave and end up apparating right into a gang of snatchers. A chase happens and they’re caught. Hermione managed the stinging hex to disfigure Harry.

MALFOY MANOR part deux. HELENA BONHAM CARTER YOU AMAZING WOMAN YOU. Every scene the Bellatrix is in is fucking amazing. No death for Wormtail, and no Dean Thomas. DOBBY A MOTHERFUCKING FREE ELF shows up and saves the day. I teared up when reading the book when Dobby… you know… but watching it on screen after all of the amazing speech and dialogue he had in this movie… I CRIED. Like, making noise SOBBING. It’s like you could have told me my brother died. LEGIT SADNESS. Someone here on tumblr quoted him and as I was reading it this morning I teared up and almost started crying again.

Then Voldemort finally grabs the Elder Wand and it’s over.
Just like that. I’m sitting in the theater sobbing and it ends.
No happiness. No reassurance. No nothing.

I’m usually a book purist but after the disappointment that Order of the Phoenix was, I had to learn to take the movies as just that, movies. Separate entities based on the world created by J.K. Rowling. It was amazing. I want to watch it over and over again. Call it obsessive, but it’s just me not being able to let go and come to terms that it’s almost over. After July 2011, there won’t be anymore. I might die.