Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tumblr and UP inspired pictures

So I've been pretty much ROCKING OUT to Disney songs, not that that's a new occurrence-- I do that on a daily basis, but I find myself broadening my horizons on the Disney tunes front. I also have been checking out the Disney Weddings page and confirmed my desire to incorporate Disney into my wedding. So if there are any guys out there who are reading this and would like to date me (hahahah) or know of someone who would like to be my Prince Naveen/Aladdin/Eric, keep this in mind:

I would like to be proposed to at Disney World some kind of way.
My engagement pictures will be based off of a Disney movie theme i.e. UP

Though still unsure if I want it AT Disney, I will have a Disney wedding gown.
I will be doing one of the Adventures by Disney for my Honeymoon.
kthanx :D

Anyways, I am currently addicted to Tumblr, so after you've subscribed to my youtube account, added me as a friend of Facebook, followed me on Blogger, Twitter, and Formspring, go ahead and follow me on Tumblr. <--- yeah, click that link! DO IT. you know you want to. I also have the application on my phone so when I'm at Disney on the CP I will take pictures/videos on my phone and have them directly uploaded to my tumblr in a no time! It's a quicker and easier way to update you all when I don't have time to sit down and write out an entire blog post.

Have a Magical Day!

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