Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tips & Facts about Your First Days

If you are bringing a vehicle, make sure you have the correct paperwork to register.
A driver's license, proof of insurance*, and your car's registration.
(*must have your name, therefore if it's under your parent's name, you need to have the insurance company write up a note)

Bring a folder or envelope with you.
They give you a lot of paperwork to fill out, take to Casting, read over at home, etc.
You'll need something to carry all these things in.

Bring an umbrella with you!
Florida is known for the afternoon rain showers, so for 10 minutes you get nothing but rain...

Make sure you have the proper documents with you (i.e. Social Security Card, passport, birth certificate) and your On-Board paperwork already filled out.

First you get your program guides, then fill out your housing stuff.
You get your room keys, apartment ID's, and if you drove, you get your parking sticker.
Then you get told which time you go to Casting.
The earlier you arrive and get checked-in, the more likely you'll get the first Casting session.

At Casting, you hand in your paper work, get your work location, meet with a representative from your department who will give you your training schedule, and then do your background check and fingerprinting. Lasts about an hour, hour and a half.

If you're in the morning session, than you will be at the 2:45pm Housing Meeting. Get there early, because it only holds so many people and they WILL turn you away if they don't have room. The Housing Meeting takes about 1.5-2 hours. If you couldn't get into that one, then you would go on the second day. After the housing meeting, you have the rest of the day to yourself.

There is a tent for you to put your luggage. There is also a security guard watching the tent.

Also, it'd be good to look around your apartment to check for damages and check inventory on stuff in your apartment as well and let them know if you are missing anything/somethings damaged.

You can wear casual attire.
Make sure your hair/tattoos are in accordance with the Disney Look and your shoulders are covered for your ID.

If you didn't get into the Housing Meeting yesterday, today's the day you go-- otherwise, enjoy a free day to yourself!

Depending on the arrival date, there may be a Welcome party at one of the complexes.
I recommend checking it out--sometimes there will be characters there that don't/rarely come out at the parks!

The third day is traditions. There is an 8am session and a 2pm session. They will assign you a time, you cannot choose, but if you were at check-in/casting early, most likely you'll get the early traditions. Busses pick up an hour and 15 mins before.

Make sure you are in the Disney Look. Make sure nail polish is looks natural/neutral (to be safe I'd just not wear any), wear stockings if you're wearing a skirt, make sure hair is prim and proper, and guys, make sure your face is shaved.

You will get to go to Magic Kingdom as a group.
They take you through the tunnels and then on stage to learn a few things.
Your feet will thank you.

At traditions, you also get your Disney ID and nametags.

Traditions lasts about 4.5 hours. After that, you have the rest of the day to yourself.

Depending on your role/location/etc. determines your training schedule.
Some will start training the day after traditions--some might start up to even 4 and 5 days after traditions.

Your first day of work is business casual, again, DISNEY LOOK! Usually the day is filled with E-Learning, and computer based training.
Then they will tell you where your departments costuming building is, and your second day will be in costume.

You are allowed to take out 5 costumes at a time. Your first day of work is also when they teach you how to use the hub.

I got this information from the group discussion board on Facebook, so a big thanks to Joe for keeping us up to date on how things go! [edit 11:08pm 5/27/10: check out Michele's extremely detailed and informative post on check in!] I will add and change this frequently as I get more information. Hope this helps you!

Have a Magical Day!

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