Friday, June 18, 2010

Toy Story 3 (2010) Review

So I just got back from the midnight premiere showing whatever at AMC Theaters of Toy Story 3. But before I tell you anything about it, let me give you a little insight on my opinion of the Toy Story series BEFORE I saw this movie.
    I like Toy Story. I however did not like Buzz. I love Tim Allen. I just hated Buzz. His whole character wasn't charming or even interesting. Other than that, I loved RC, Slink, and Woody. It was cute movie, but not in my top 10.
    My least favorite movie. Right along with the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I don't know why I didn't like it, but I have a feeling that Jessie was a huge part of it. I didn't like Jessie. I didn't like that song Jessie sang. I just despise Jesse. And the Prospector. What was up with that?!
So as you can see, I wasn't a big Toy Story fan. The main drive for wanting to see this is because of the College Program. I'm also very sketchy about sequels because for some reason Disney never does it justice. They always try to put out a crappy sequel with some tired storyline, so I wasn't expecting much: just some movie about some toys that Disney wants to put out to make a quick buck. But I was so wrong.
    Amazing. It had the perfect amount of comedy and heartfelt Disney warmth. Animation was spectacular. Storyline was flawless. The characters had more personality and 'character' than ever. I found myself falling in love with these characters. I saw them from a different perspective that I never thought imaginable. I want to discuss a few of the things in the movie that I loved and hated, so in order not to ruin it for people who haven't watched it yet: STOP READING NOW.
Ken was such a great character, but I knew that from all of the "Ken's Dating Tips" videos on youtube. He is hilarious and exactly how I'd imagine a Ken doll would act. He has good inside him, which I loved because I'd have been really sad if he was totally evil.

Buzz Lightyear-- mainly Spanish Buzz. He was come a loooong way from the first movie. He is so genuine and such a good friend.

The love and respect that all of Andy's toys have for one another. I love their disconbobulated little family!

I about DIED in the first 10 minutes when they are discussing how 'they lost some friends along the way' and mentioned Bo Peep. So sad.

I officially started crying when they all held hands and looked at each other as they prepared for impending doom. Even though my brain was two steps ahead and processed that of COURSE the aliens would save the day (of course Pix/Dis 'the claw' was a nicely added touch) but I still couldn't help it.

I completely lost it when Andy was donating them to Bonnie. The way he was describing all of the toys to her just showed that even though he's 17, he still cares so much for these toys! Epecially the part when he takes Woody back like he wasn't going to give it to her.

Barbie. I liked how she was smart. and hilarious. Loved her.

The end credits were great. Nice touch.

The beginning was action packed. It's what hooked me into the story and loved every minute of it.

That beginning stereotypical Pixar short. It was really good.

Pretty much everything was really good.

One thing I did not like: Lotso should have gotten WAY MORE than just being tied to a truck. He was horrible!

I have no idea if this is coherent or makes any sense, but I wanted to write this review while it was fresh in my mind! I'm off to bed, if you haven't watched it, please go see it. It is so good. It is definitely my top movie of 2010 (that is, until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows comes out XD)

That's all I've got for you today!
Have a Magical Day!


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  2. I loved Toy Story 3! I think you definitely saw more personality from characters that you hadn't before.

    I'm glad in the end they were saved, but it made the story that much better than Lotso ran off to leave them to die.

    I also cried very hard when they held hands and looked at each other. Also when Andy went to college, I feel like a lot of people can identify with packing up things and having to choose.


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