Monday, July 5, 2010


So I see as I haven't been updating I have slowly been losing followers. Boo! Hahaha my bad. Well I thought I'd give you all an update on the pre-Disney going-ons.

1. Renter's insurance August 9th arrivals received an email that it is required to have Renter's insurance instead of the previous highly suggested. I have heard different things from different people who called/emailed recruiters, some saying it is required and some saying it's not. Better to be safe than sorry, I'm going to look into it. Apparently if your parents have Homeowner's insurance, you may already be covered, or if you get your own policy, they usually only have a year plan, but I've heard you can get an entire year for $100.

2. Buying, packing, and such So I've bought a lot of stuff. I'll do a separate post on my list. I am feeling a bit better on that situation though!

3. Working and saving I haven't saved much since I was on vacation for 2 weeks and missed an entire pay period at all three jobs, but most of the paychecks are going into my savings from now on. I'm going to to use the Hershey paychecks for gas money/emergency money since they aren't that much.

There's only 22 days (21 in 45 minutes hahah) left until check-in day. My driving plans aren't finalized but now instead of my mom, my stepmom is driving down with me to FL. I'll update tomorrow with my packing list though!

Have a Magical Day!

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  1. What I find funny is that people are even questioning the email. Did they question when they got an email saying that they got in? No.

    However, the people questioning it may be the same people who got a pending message telling them that they may not find out until the end of April and then proceeded to email/call every day. Those people are idiots.

    If the email said it was required. It is. Anyone who questions it ought to email Housing (not recruiting and not education- Housing cause it is their rule).


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