Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Tips

Useful Tips at the Disneyland Resort

  • Snow White Adventure in Fantasyland -- if you touch the brass apple that is at the entrance to the attraction there will be a loud clap of thunder and the witch will cackle with laughter.
  • Snow White Wishing Well - such a romantic spot. Every 15-20 minutes or so, the song "I'm Wishing" plays and the well echoes the song -- such a pretty spot. It's off to the right side of the castle if you're coming from Main Street.
  • Downtown Disney - Jazz Kitchen is a great spot to have dinner in the evenings. If you eat downstairs, you can watch the jazz band perform - no extra charge.
  • There is a rental car agency at Downtown Disney for guests who want to get away for a day and would like their own transportation.
  • Here's a good spot to watch the fireworks on a crowded night. Go up on the train station platform and stand behind the preferred seating benches. The people there have to sit, & you'll have a panoramic view of the fireworks show. (Plan on staking your spot early.)
  • Mark Twain Steamboat - Ask the captain if you can help steer the ship – If you do you’ll get a souvenir certificate
  • For the Aladdin show – sit in the back section of the Orchestra seating -- first row right on the aisle. You get a fantastic view of the show, and the Prince Ali parade passes right in front of you. It's great.
  • Jedi Academy -- children who wear something that’s eye-catching or who make a small sign are more likely to get picked.
  • Guests can use their FastPass anytime after the return time, so don't get rid of them if you’re running late.
  • The rooftop pool at Paradise Pier Hotel offers a nice spot for guests to watch the fireworks, and they pipe the music in.
  • Take some time to sit for a while in Downtown Disney and ‘people watch’. The different restaurants sometimes offer samples of a few of their menu items around 4 - 4:30pm on different days.
  • There is a great ‘hidden’ area at the Grand Californian Resort. It’s outdoors, has a fire pit and is a great place to relax and escape the craziness of the parks. The fire place in the lobby is also a nice spot, particularly when there’s live piano music in the background.
Tips courtesy of wdwinfo

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