Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Favorites

My most favorite thing to do as a whole is character hunt. While on my Walt Disney World College Program and even now when I go to Disneyland, I spend a great deal of my time doing this, because not only do I love meeting characters, but it's something you can do by yourself on solo trips to the parks and with a group of people. Bring both your Photopass card with you as well as your own camera, because let's face it, who wants to spend tons of money on pictures that could have easily been taken with your own camera? However, Photopass CMs tend to get really good interactive pictures with their own cameras and take a lot of them at that, so having a Photopass card is really convenient. Don't forget your autograph book and pen either!

My favorite character(s) to meet over and over:
Mickey, Goofy, and Chip n' Dale
The character(s) I was most excited to meet: Jafar, Pocahontas, and Max
Characters I still want/need to meet: Peter Pan and Wendy, The Mad Hatter, the Fairies, Jack Skellington and Sally, Foulfellow, Maleficent, Tarzan and Jane, Kenai and Koda, Genie and Abu, and The Tweedles.

Favorite character memories:
1) I am a HUGE and I mean HUGE fan of Fantasmic!. During my time in Walt Disney World, I tried my hardest to get a picture of Mickey doing a certain pose that he only does once in Fantasmic! and only in Fantasmic!. The lighting was always too dark to capture this pose on film, so I was determined to ask Mickey himself at a Meet and Greet. I went to EPCOT's Character Spot to see him. When it was my turn, I briefly told him how I loved him in Fantasmic! and that it was my favorite thing at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Then I asked him if he could possibly do me a favor, and it might sound weird, but could he please do the pose with his arms behind his back that he does in the beginning right before it goes to the water screen? AND HE DID IT. I was so excited! I know it sounds strange, but it really made my life.

2) The best place to see a lot of characters in one spot (and it's a good variety too!) is definitely in the Animation Building at Disney's Hollywood Studios. I was on a character spree one day with a friend of mine and we ended up in line to see Captain Hook and the Evil Queen from Snow White. The line cut off happened to be when we were next, so the Character Attendant explained that they had to leave. Then she said the best words I think I've ever heard at Walt Disney World: "The Queen of Hearts and Jafar will be out next." Jafar. Jafar. He is my FAVORITEEEEE villain. I mean, he's great! I'd never met him before so I was super excited. Jafar and The Queen came out and I started fangirling like crazy. The Character Attendant looked at me, and my friend explained how in love I was with Jafar. Finally Jafar made it over to his spot and the Character Attendant grabbed my hand and led me over to Jafar, telling him "I think we've found your biggest fan." His interaction with me was sooooo great. Definitely a highlight of my program!

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