Friday, May 28, 2010

Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) Review

I really enjoy doing these and haven't done one for a while--also I have tons of free time with my zero social life here on the east coast and my excessive Disney movie watching, so here's an oldie but goodie.
Honestly, 2001 doesn't sound like a long time ago, but when I stop and think it's like "OMG it's 2010 already!" This was I think Disney's small attempt at creating something the male population would really enjoy. Let's face it: Disney is all about two things, pirates and princesses. That's probably why this movie wasn't all too popular or why I didn't want to see it as a kid. A story about some forbidden world with NO MUSIC?! How can you have a Disney movie with NO MUSIC?!

  • I enjoyed Milo's character and the relationship between him and Kida.
  • The love that Kida had for her culture and her people was great.
  • Very diverse group of characters. I love Dr. Sweet and Audrey.
  • Animation was AMAZING. Seriously.
  • I'm all about keeping it G and I know it's a cartoon, but HOW THE HECK did that girl fall from a bajillion feet ON HER BACK and was still alive? You're telling me she didn't break any bones in her arms that would have not allowed her to shoot down the balloon? Not only that, but she died like 15 seconds after she shot. Way to come up with a random and yet lame solution to that...
  • The whole time I kept thinking "THIS IS THE SAME STORYLINE AS AVATAR AND THE CHARACTERS ARE SOOO SIMILAR" and it got me really angry at James Cameron.
Now being nine years older and therefore wiser, I must say I rather enjoyed this movie far more than I thought I would. The storyline was intense, there was romance, and although no way near as awesome as Jafar, there was even a villain. I liked the fact that Kida was even a little on the brown side... someone I can add to my list of costumes! So kudos to you Disney for making a movie that has nothing to do with princesses and successfully keeping me entertained. Now as for the sequel... *shudders*

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