Sunday, May 23, 2010

Part of Your World

So, it's been a painstakingly hard search, but it seems as though no one has really been keeping up with their blogs. I tried to see if I could gather any info from people posting on the Facebook group wall or as a status update but really, not much. My girl Jessika (shameless blog and vlog link) hasn't even started the CP yet but DID go up to visit for a few days and did an amazing job capturing an apartment tour of Patterson and the Vista Way Welcome Pool Party!

Watching this just makes me 93875983475 times more pumped to be there and attend all of the housing/CP only events! Countdown is in the seventies now-- let's go!

Have a Magical Day!


  1. don't get too upset. if you look at old facebook cp groups, they dried up just after the arrivals. old blogs, same thing. you'll get the occasional update, but there is just too much happening to worry about blogging. way too much. kudos if you keep up, though, come august ;-)

  2. Sweet! I'm pumped now too! But I won't get there until August 30th :(


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