Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fall Advantage!

Today is the day that the first trickle of Walt Disney World College Programmers check-in to Vista Way! By now they've already checked in, got their housing assignments, looked around the apartment/unpacked a little, and either have already done the housing meeting or will be going to the meeting soon! I am uber jealous, but then I just think, "wait, they needed someone who is already awesome to come in August, so that's why I'm not there yet! Everyone else needs time to get on my level!"

Now I am totally kidding-- I chose to do Fall instead of Fall Advantage because first off, doing the program was a spur of the moment thing, and since I just did this huge move from one side of the coast to the other, I needed time to get acclimated (get a job, finish school, establish some sort of life) and save money toward this. I wish I was rich so I could have just dropped everything and gone now, but at least I'm missing a huge part of the heat, crowds, and humidity. I've been to Disney World in September and sure it's a little hot but there isn't much humidity, so I'd really only have the month of August to sweat to death. Anyways, once people start posting how their first day went (probably later tonight or tomorrow since they have a free day) I'll do my research and try and get a rundown on how things run for you guys.

For all of you fellow CPs who don't get there until later, I think Tiana said it best:
Almost there.

Have a Magical Day!

p.s. only 82 more days 08/09/10 arrivals :)

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  1. I check in on 8/23. I signed up to move in August for the same reasons for the most part, except for moving across country (I live in VA). Can't wait for the DCP! What are you looking forward to?


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