Thursday, April 29, 2010

Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow -- Part I

This is my favorite park. And I haven't even ridden all of the rides. I love learning, and EPCOT is the park that makes learning fun! (Sheesh, if THAT doesn't sound nerdy, wait until my Harry Potter post...) I don't want to work here. I don't know what it is, but the merchandise in Epcot just doesn't interest me, unless you count the World Showcase, but apparently only International College Programmers can work in those. However, I will absolutely be using my 50% holiday discount to my advantage in those WS shops.

It's probably safe to say that Epcot was what Walt most wanted to build after the success of Disneyland. Designed to demonstrate new technology and innovation, Walt envisioned it as a sort of permanent world fair for companies, universities, and governments to show off their newest creations. Epcot is a theme park about ideas, such as ecologies, energy sources, and the role communication systems and how they play in human societies.

Gleaming futuristic structures of immense proportions define the first themed area beyond the main entrance. Broad thoroughfares are punctuated with billowing fountains--all reflected in shiny space-age facades. Everything, including the landscaping. is sparkling clean and seems bigger than life.

This half of Epcot is devoted to a collection of elaborate pavilions representing the landmarks and cultures of various countries from around the world. It is an ongoing world fair encircling a picturesque 40-acre lagoon. The cuisine, culture, history, and architecture of almost a dozen countries are spaced along a 1.2 mile promenade.

[ FAVORITE / * Fastpass Available / [ x ] Experienced ]

Future World
[ x ] Spaceship Earth - Duration: 15 min.
[ ] Innoventions - Duration: up to you!
[ x ] Mission: Space* - Duration: 6 min.
[ x ] Test Track* - Duration: 5 min.
[ x ] Ellen's Energy Adventure - Duration: 45 min. - The Universe of Energy Pavilion
[ x ] The Seas with Nemo and Friends - Duration: up to you!
[ x ] Soarin'* - Duration: 5 min. - The Land Pavilion
[ x ] Living with the Land* - Duration: 14 min. - The Land Pavilion
[ x ] Circle of Life - Duration: 20 min. - The Land Pavilion
[ x ] Honey, I Shrunk the Audience - Duration: 20 min. - Imagination Pavilion
[ ] Journey Into Imagination with Figment - Duration: 8 min. - Imagination Pavilion

World Showcase
[ ] O Canada! - Duration: 17 min. - Canada Pavilion
[ ] Impressions de France - Duration: 18 min. - France Pavilion
[ ] The American Adventure - Duration: 30 min. - America Pavilion
[ ] Reflections of China - Duration: 19 min. - China Pavilion
[ x ] Maelstrom* - Duration: 10 min. - Norway Pavilion
[ x ] Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros - Duration: 9 min. - Mexico Pavilion

Have a Zippidy-Doo-Da Day!

(c) The Complete Walt Disney Guide 2010
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(c) Photo by Jeff B. (Flickr)

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