Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Magic Kingdom Part I

I am going to start doing trilogies of the four Disney parks. I've been wanting to do this-- not only to enlighten those who have never been or haven’t been since they were younger, but it also serves as a helpful reminder to all of us frequent guests who can’t wait to plan out our first day at Magic Kingdom. This is to reiterate about all of the magic and excitement the Magic Kingdom stands for, but it is also a stress reliever to me because talking about it (or rather, writing about it) makes me happy and even more pumped about what's to come in four months. A lot of people think: Magic Kingdom = Cinderella's Castle, but to me, I think of the Railroad. So here we go...

The Magic Kingdom is the heart and soul of the Disney empire and is comparable (in scope) to California's Disneyland. It's divided into seven 'lands': Main Street USA, Liberty Square, Adventureland, Frontierland, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, and Mickey's Toontown Fair (which will be closing in order to expand Fantasyland, so I will not be touching on this one).

You begin and end your visit of Magic Kingdom with Main Street, U.S.A. It may open half an hour before and close half an hour to an hour after the rest of the park. It is a Disneyfied turn-of-the-19th-century small-town American street. Along the street are shops, eating places, City Hall, and a fire station. Occasionally horse-drawn trolleys, fire engines, and horseless carriages transport visitors along Main Street to the central hub.

It is the first land to the left of Main Street. It combines African-safari theme with a Caribbean atmosphere.

Frontierland adjoins Adventureland as you move clockwise around Magic Kingdom. The focus is the Old West, with a stockade-type structures and pioneer trappings.

This land recreates America at the time of the Revolutionary War. The architecture is Federal or Colonial. A real 130-year-old live oak, the Liberty Tree, lends dignity and grace to the setting.

Fantasyland is the heart of the Magic Kingdom, a truly enchanting place spread gracefully like a miniature Alpine village beneath the steepled towers of Cinderella Castle.

It is a mix of rides and experiences relating to the technological development of man and what life will be like in the future. If it sounds like Epcot’s theme, it is because Tomorrowland was a breeding ground for ideas that spawned Epcot. However, Tomorrowland is more fun, depicting the future as envisioned in science fiction rather than Epcot, which is more educational.

[ FAVORITE / * Fastpass Available / [ x ] Experienced ]

Main Street, U.S.A
[ x ] Walt Disney World Railroad - Duration: 21 min.

[ x ] Enchanted Tiki Room * - Duration: 12 min.
[ x ] Jungle Cruise * - Duration: 10 min.
[ ] The Magic Carpets of Aladdin - Duration: about 3 min.
[ x ] Pirates of the Caribbean - Duration: 10 min.
[ x ] Swiss Family Treehouse - Duration: up to you!

[ x ] Ariel’s Grotto - Duration: up to you! [CLOSED]
[ ] Cinderella Castle and Bippidi Boppidi Boutique
[ x ] Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel - Duration: 2 min.
[ x ] Dumbo the Flying Elephant - Duration: 2 min.
[ ] Fairy Tale Garden: Story Time with Belle - Duration: 25 min. [CLOSED]
[ x ] it’s a small world - Duration: 11 min.
[ x ] Mad Tea Party - Duration: 2 min.
[ x ] The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh * - Duration: about 3 min.
[ x ] Mickey’s PhilharMagic * - Duration: 12 min.
[ x ] Peter Pan’s Flight * - Duration: 2.5 min.
[ ] Pooh’s Playful Spot - Duration: up to you!
[ x ] Snow White’s Scary Adventures - Duration: 3 min.

[ x ] Big Thunder Mountain * - Duration: 4 min.
[ ] Country Bear Jamboree - Duration: 17 min.
[ x ] Splash Mountain * - Duration: 11 min.
[ x ] Tom Sawyer Island - Duration: up to you!

Liberty Square
[ ] Hall of Presidents - Duration: 25 min.
[ x ] Haunted Mansion - Duration: 8 min.
[ x ] Liberty Square Riverboat - Duration: 15 min.

[ ] Astro-Orbiter - Duration: 2 min.
[ x ] Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin * - Duration: 5 min.
[ x ] Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor - Duration: 15 min.
[ x ] Space Mountain * - Duration: 2.5 min.
[ x ] Stitch’s Great Escape - Duration: 15 min.
[ x ] Tomorrowland Indy Speedway - Duration: 5 min.
[ x ] Tomorrowland Transit Authority - Duration: 10 min.
[ x ] Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress - Duration: 20 min.

That's it for part one, check back tomorrow for the second installment! It will be about the Character Meet n' Greets, parades, shows, and fireworks!

Have a Magical Day!

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(c) The Complete Walt Disney Guide 2010
(c) Photo by Jeff B.


  1. Okay first off, WHY HAVEN'T YOU BEEN IN THE HALL OF PRESIDENTS? Also, when did Ariel's Grotto close down?

  2. Ariel's Grotto is closing April 11th and going to be seen in Adventureland on legs.

    And I have NO idea why I've never been in the Hall of Presidents... it tis shocking... I promise to rectify this mistake immediately!

  3. OK, so we need to plan an adventure day. Seriously. I can't believe you haven't done Country Bear Jamboree or the Astro-Orbiter!

  4. country bear jamboree is totally not worth it! lol :P just my opinion


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