Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Alice in Wonderland (2010) Review

I may not be the best person to do this, since I've only seen Alice in Wonderland (animated) probably once and I don't even think the whole way through, but I have read the book and found it highly enjoyable. Anyways, I went and saw the new Alice in Wonderland in 3D IMAX and these are the pros and cons:

  • The Cheshire Cat. I really enjoyed him, I wish he had more face time.
  • Helena Bonham Carter's performance as the Red Queen. She was subtly hilarious.
  • Johnny Depp's strange but amusing performance as the Mad Hatter. Suited him well.
  • Alan Rickman's voice. It soothes me much like the voice of Morgan Freeman.
  • Bayard the Bloodhound-- aka the dog with the 'wife and pups'. LOVED him. and he was voiced by another HP veteran (Timothy Spall aka Peter Pettigrew) bringing the total of three HPVs.
  • Anne Hathaway. Her character was good... I just don't like Anne Hathaway.
  • How Alan Rickman's face was not integrated into his character.
  • The creepy dance moves performed at the end. Too strange.
  • The unusual relationship between the Mad Hatter and Alice. I almost thought they were going to kiss in several scenes.
  • Why was this movie in 3D? I could have saved money watching it normal since NOTHING stood out.
  • How naive and stupid Alice is portrayed. Sorry, at nineteen I wasn't that retarded.
Still, it's worth a look at-- though I say save your money and opt to see the regular version. It feels longer than it actually is, and they do talk really fast; sometimes it was hard for me to get what they were saying due to this + accents.

p.s. Congrats to all the pending people who were accepted today! I can't even imagine the excitement and happiness you feel right now! See you in Florida (:

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  1. Just wanted to say that the weird dance moves were my favorite part! lol I actually kept drifting off throughout the movie and that was the only part that really caught my attention cuz it was so random and looked unnatural :-)
    Another con was the monster's name, they couldve come up with a name that hasnt already been used!


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