Monday, March 1, 2010

March the First... Q&A 001.!

26 followers! & How I love everyone one of you! Invite your friends, thanks for reading my rambles! I know when I get down to Disney I will be telling you all about my rampant adventures and shananigans.
& without further ado, here's what you've been asking me on!

You really will answer all the questions they ask you?
Hum... Sounds like fun to me.
  • It sure will be (:

If I go to the DCP you will be my next girlfriend. What do you say?
  • This one is a stumper. I don't know if someone is playing a joke on me or if they really mean what they say so I say... I have no idea who you are so... maybe? I mean as long as you aren't a stage five clinger... or a stalker... or crazy... or any other negative terms I can't think of right now. BUT although my purpose is not to go looking for romance, if it finds me who am I to fight it? :D

boxers or briefs
  • I don't wear them, but I prefer boxer briefs on my men!

What made you want to do a roadtrip to the DCP with me
  • Because Shane-- you are too legit to quit.

What would be your dream work location?
  • There are a few places I wouldn't mind working. I wrote a detailed post about it here, but MS Shops, Tink's Treasures in Fantasyland, DHS, or AK would be awesome. I want to add two more so this is the perfect time for me to say it. I want to work the glow carts and/or the gift shop at the end of Pirates of the Caribbean-- I think that as a merch CM I'd be able to do the "Pirate Make-Over" but I need to call and find out.

what do you want your DCP roomie to be like?
  • I am a very spontaneous, and outgoing person, so I'd like my roomie to be the same. Now technically I have a roomie, Alyssa B who I've known since high school and just started a blog herself here, and I've recently found a kickass housemate name Cassandra P but she is in need of a roommate. Someone who likes to go out and have fun. A person who is really loyal just really genuine. Please see my roommate survey post and check it out, because you just might be our missing housemate!

I'm all out of questions, so please to send me more!
I am happy to answer any and all questions.

Have a Magical Day!

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