Monday, March 29, 2010

Dumbo (1941) Review

Ok, so I saw this list on Emily's blog, MAGIC MAGIC MOUSEKATEER of Disney movies. I am hoping to complete this list by July 31 (btw that's Harry Potter's birthday :]... anywho) because I'm still not sure when I'm driving down-- and I want to have it done before I go down to Disney. SO, I decided to start off with Dumbo. I've never seen this movie. I know. Ridiculous right? It never looked interesting to me. Boy was I WRONG. Dumbo is awesome. I loved it.

  • Jumbo Jr. aka Dumbo is such a loveable character! I loved every second of face time he got. When he would hold Timothy Mouse's tail... or his mother's tail.. he's just so darling!
  • Timothy Q. Mouse-- such a good friend! Stands by him and gets him to believe in himself!
  • Mrs. Jumbo. The love she had for her son was just darling. She was so adorable in her little bonnet. I was SO incredibly sad when she was locked away and Dumbo and Timothy came to see her and all she could do was rock him with her trunk.
  • The strange but highly entertaining acid trip known as "Pink Elephants on Parade".
  • "Casey Jr.'s coming down the track, coming down the track, with a smokey stack..."
  • I had a slight problem with the blatantly racist remarks involving the crows. I understood quite clearly as one was named 'Jim'... Jim + crow = reference to the Jim Crow laws from the South back in the day. No bueno Disney.
  • Not really a con, but I couldn't STAND the other elephants and how rude they were about Mrs. Jumbo and Dumbo!
  • It's too short. The ending was so abrupt! I was like "WHAAA? It's over?!"
The whole time I just wanted to comfort him and be his friend! I'm definitely adding Dumbo to my list of favorite movies. It's truly a movie I will never forget! When I get down to Disney I will be buying a good amount of Dumbo merchandise.

The next movie in line is The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea.
Never seen that one either. Perhaps I'll do a vlog review? We'll see.

Have a Magical Day!


  1. You read my mind JP. I was thinking about doing something where I watch all the Disney movies I have never seen and blog about them. I was going to start with Nightmare Before Christmas. I like this review thing you do. Keep it up.

  2. thanks Josh! You most def need to see TNBC.. it's strange but it's probably my favorite Tim Burton movie!


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