Sunday, February 7, 2010

WDWCP - F2010

elcome! This is my Walt Disney World College Program Fall 2010 Blog. As this is the first entry, I believe introductions are necessary.

My name is Jazmine and I currently live Pennsylvania. I'm twenty years old and I am a sophomore in college applying for the Fall program at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. Now, if you've never heard of the WDWCP, you might be a little puzzled as to what I am talking about.

The Disney College Program is a program that allows anyone who is enrolled in at least one course in a college at the time of applying to work, learn, and live at Disney-- whether it's the Disneyland Resort or the Walt Disney World Resort. They have three different seasons: Spring, Summer Alumni, and Fall. For Fall, there are three types of sessions: Fall Advantage (May-January), Fall (August-January), Fall Advantage Quarter (June-January). They provide housing and buses to get you to work and to shops around the area. You have the option of taking distance learning classes from your home college, taking classes at Disney University, both, or not taking any classes at all.

I am only in the beginning stages of the application process. On January 28, 2010 I filled out my application. You get to choose what "roles" or jobs you would like to do if you were accepted into the program, for example Attractions, Merchandise, or Custodial. I chose 14 roles but my top five were:

My top five roles are:
1. Bippity Boppity Boutique Hostess
2. Merchandise
3. Attractions
4. Vacation Planner
5. Character Attendant

Next you complete a presentation. I was going to wait until my campus presentation, but I was too anxious so I watched the e-presentation instead. After this, I completed the Web-Based Interview. It's quite simple: you mark if you disagree or agree on a series of questions (i.e. you are always on time- agree or disagree). If you pass this, you are able to move onto the next stage: scheduling an interview. I scheduled mine for February 9th at 10:15 am, so I will let you all know how it goes!

If you want to know anything about me, just leave me a comment/question on Feel free to follow me on here or add me on facebook. I'm hoping to start a vlog soon so check back to see when that will be launched! Congrats to all that have already been accepted, & good luck to those who haven't!

Have a Magical Day!

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