Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Interview Day!

About 9:53am I started getting anxious.
My stomach was in knots. My mouth was dry.
Then at 10:11 I started staring at my phone.
My interview was at 10:15. Slowly it got there.
It was exactly 10:16 when she called.

I didn't catch her name (and I was desperately waiting for it but I'm kinda getting the feeling she didn't say it, or if she did it was too fast) but she was in a really good mood. She told me how the interview process was going to be and reminded me that if there was silence after my answers that it was just beause she was finishing a thought on something I said since she would be taking notes.

First she just asked me if my contact information was correct, which location I was applying for (DL or WDW), and which term I was applying for (Fall WOOT WOOT!). We then went over the Disney Look and asked if I could comply. Then I was asked the all-too-expected "Why do you want to work for Disney?"

Next she just told me she wanted to find out a little more about me and asked me to describe my work experience, so I elaborated on that. Then she listed all the roles I checked off and asked if it was correct, followed by asking me my top choices. (Check my introduction blog for a list of roles I checked.)

She then let me know that BBB Hostess and Vacation Planner always have the most applicants and they have the fewest slots available, but that I will be considered for those as well as my entire list. Then she went into the role questions.

Questions for BBB Hostess were:
- It's not required, but do you have any experience in make-up, hair, or nails?
- If a child was scared to get their hair (or anything really) done, what would you do?
- (I think there was another but I honestly can't remember)

Questions for Vacation Planner were:
- Why are you interested in this role?
- Since this is a sales based job, would you be comfortable with meeting sales goals and do you have any experience in this?

Then she said the next couple questions would be general to Merchandise/Vacation Planner:
- Can you describe a time where you made someone feel special?
- Do you have cash handling experience?
- (there were two more but I can't remember these either-- sorry! it's the adrenaline.)

She didn't ask directly about diversity, but she did ask how I would deal with living with roomates, especially ones with different cultures and backgrounds. So I guess this was like a two-in-one question. We wrapped it up talking about what my favorite place in Disney is. She asked me if I had any questions and then explained that the "next process is probably the hardest... the wait."

She said that I would hear between 4-6 weeks. They've been able to send out responses to people who interviewed a few weeks back (Jan. 20-25 I believe) and that they hope to continue this trend. She said I will get something in the mail AND/OR an email. It lasted exactly 27 minutes and 40 seconds.

I'm so excited! I think it went well. I wish I would have given a better answer for my experience in hair but oh well! I hope this helps anyone that has yet to do their interview. I'm sorry I couldn't remember everything!

Have a Magical Day!

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