Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Mouse's Life For Me!

So I have finally accepted my invitation!
I paid the $104 fee and selected my dates.
Here’s the rundown:

Name: Jazmine
Program: Fall 2010
Arrival: August 9, 2010
Departure: January 7, 2011
Role: Merchandise

I wanted to talk a little about the role I’ve been selected for and what I’m most excited about. As a merchandise cast member it is possible for me to work the standalone carts, the pin trading booths, and in of the shops in the parks, resorts, and Downtown Disney. You may be thinking being a merchandise CM is just like any other retail job-- in a sense, yes, but there is so much more. Even though merchandise was my third choice, there are a lot of things I’m excited about. For starters, there is the direct guest interaction. I love being around people so getting to talk to guests about their Disney experience and Disney in general is awesome. I’m also excited about the costumes. I know some are a little funky, but where else can you find a job where you look completely ridiculous and get paid for it? Next: Pin trading. I’m not into this myself, but when I went to Disneyland with my ASB I saw my advisor’s young daughter trading with CMs and random guests and it was sort of exciting. I want to be apart of something like that. I’m super excited about working with a large team. I can’t wait to meet all of my fellow cast members! I really wouldn’t like to do a cart only because I don’t want to stand all by myself for an 8 hour shift, but I wouldn’t mind doing a glow cart or something at night.

Personally, there are four spots I wouldn’t mind working.
One. Tink’s Treasures - Magic Kingdom. This is my number one request as of right now. When the park opens, the first guest that comes to the store has the opportunity to “wake Tinkerbell”. I would just love to see the happiness on the faces of these kids when they see her wake up and hear the music play.
Two. Main Street Shops - Magic Kingdom. Who doesn’t love the Main Street Shops?! I love the ambiance and the overall feeling of Main Street. Since it’s such a high traffic area, I’m bound to get a lot of guest interaction! The downside with one and two-- Magic Kingdom is generally open the latest. This could mean shifts going into the AM.
Three. Anywhere in Disney’s Hollywood Studios - (except that one store that sells Jonas Bros and Hannah Montana stuff). Though it’s not my favorite park, DHS has some of the coolest stores all around.
Four. Anywhere in Animal Kingdom. This is for selfish reasons, but AK is one of my favorite parks (right along with Epcot). Animal Kingdom closes at the latest 8pm, and it would be nice to have evenings to myself to explore Florida.
Five. I would love to do glow carts if I got MK or DHS!

I’m going to have to send Disney Recruiting an email. For anyone thinking of requesting a location, just keep in mind that it is a request not a guarentee. It’s generally better to give them a general idea on where you’d like to be placed, not a “do-or-die” spot (i.e. I have to work at Mousegears!) that way you won’t be mega disappointed or stuck somewhere you absolutely hate.

To pass the time, here are my Top Five Books About Disney:
1. Frommer’s Walt Disney World & Orlando 2010 - Has some great information about Universal Studios as well as Walt Disney World.
2. Birnbaum Guides 2010 Walt Disney World - Gives examples on the best places to eat, drink, shop, and stay on the Disney property & has color maps of the parks.
3. The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2010 - Has a complete dining guide of WDW restaurants and an Attractions guide. It really gives you an overall, in-depth picture of what WDW has to offer.
4. Fodor’s Walt Disney World 2010 Plus Universal Orlando and Sea World - Title says it all. Gives you an in-depth look at all the attractions and some ideas of other cool things to do besides the typical day at the parks.
5. The Walt Disney World Trivia Book Vol. 2 - Get to know about the ins and outs, secrets, history, and fun facts behind the magic.

Here's the February 23rd edition of I REMEMBER THAT!

Jett Jackson is a tv star who in pursuit of a relatively normal life succeeds in getting the production of his show Silverstone (about a spy who works for Mission Omega Matrix in order to save the world from villains like Dr. Hypnoto and the Rat) moved to his hometown of Wilsted, NC. There he lives with his father, Sheriff Wood Jackson, and his great-grandmother, Miz Coretta while getting into sticky situations with his best friend, B.J. and his not-quite girlfriend Kayla. I was in love with Jett Jackson. So gorgeous! (: "It's the famous Jett Jackson!"

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  1. I LOVED the Famous Jett Jackson!!! It was one of my favorite Disney shows!
    PS I love the "I REMEMBER THAT" Segment of your blogs because, well, I remember them!!! I really brings back memories of old favorites. Like Zoog Disney!!! I forgot about that but I use to love those guys!


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