Thursday, February 25, 2010

passion for fashion

So, for today's blog I thought I would discuss the two new sensations that are sweeping blog nation: Polyvore and Polyvore is a way for you to make a collection of your favorite clothes and accessories to make a complete outfit. I know the authors of fantasyland fashion and a few other blogs have been using to create outfit ideas, so I wanted to try it out. This is my outfit for check in day!
As for, it allows anyone to ask questions or give feedback anonymously. If you have a question for me about myself, blogging, vlogging, or the Disney College Program, you can ask me here or on the sidebar on the right. Today I'm going to answer some of the questions that you've been asking me!

What are you looking forward to most and least about the CP?
  • I’m looking forward to being surrounded by Disney, being close to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (no seriously, I would win any game show if it was strictly HP questions), meeting new and awesome people, living on my own, making new memories, and having new experiences! I’m not looking forward to the 83754 hour shifts for 98213 days in a row when I take off to spend time with my family when they come to visit.

What Disney job would you not want to have?
  • Mousekeeping, because I'm no cleaning Nazi. I do clean, and I am significantly tidy, but if my own room isn’t spotless how am I supposed to keep some stranger’s room spotless? Besides… some people are just gross with their hair everywhere and leaving nice droppings in the toliet… No thanks.

If you could have one Disney job what would you have?
  • If we are talking long-term goal wise, I would want to be an Adventures by Disney guide. You get paid to go to awesome places and bring Disney magic to these foreign countries. I would also like to be a stage performer on the Disney Cruise Line. Obviously that’s not really possible… I’m not a terrible singer, I’m a good dancer, and I have performed in front of a lot of people before, but no where to the caliber that DCL performances are-- especially on a rocking ship!

That's all I have for now!
Have a Magical Day!

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  1. jazmine i love the fonts and tiny mickey icons on your blog! how'd you do that??


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