Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why Should I Worry?

Today is officially the one week anniversary of my interview! I'm trying to get focused in school again... this Disney waiting is getting me off track. I need to make sure I'm taking care of my school work so that if I don't get into the College Program, then I still have good grades!

I'm already trying to think of things I want to blog about if I get in (I hope I'm not getting too ahead of myself!). I'll be making lists (i.e. outlets for information about the DCP, what to pack, etc.) and information about certain aspects of the DCP (i.e. Housing, Scheduling, Traditions, etc.). But meanwhile, I'll just tell you my top five reasons why I want to do the Disney College Program and why I want to right now.

One. Who doesn't love Disney?
Even if you don't love it, most people like it.

Two. It's a company that has such a large fan base and following that they are always growing and expanding. To work for a company like that with so many opportunities in many different areas is a great for someone who wants to start a career that they love.

Three. Disney holds a special place in my heart. All of my most wonderful memories of when I was a kid and my parents were together, Disney was involved-- whether it was going to watch Aladdin in the movies or our family trips to WDW. My mom and I aren't very close, but Disney brings us together, even if it's for a brief moment.

Four. This is an excellent time for me to do it. I am enrolled in community college and this is my last semester before I would transfer to a university. This way I don't have to pay ridiculous tuition and can try something new and it wouldn't be a waste. I also will be hopefully going to Medical school, so this is pretty much my only chance to do something like this. I am all about opportunities and new experiences and Disney has been such a positive influence in my life that I know good things will come from it.

Five. Disney has taught me many life lessons that until now I didn't even realize-- tolerance, importance of family, love, friendship, compassion-- and the Disney College Program gives me a chance to give something back.

I hope that gives you a little insight on how much getting into this program means to me. If you are looking into applying, it helps that you have some connection to Disney, a love or passion, because it makes the long 16 hour shifts not seem so bad.

Now its time for...

Bug Juice is a reality series that premiered on February 28, 1998. The series focused around 20 kids & their experiences at summer camp. Together, the kids worked hard to excel in their activities and become friends. I always wanted to go to these camps. It looked so fun. So, being the tech savvy child I was, I looked it up. $1600 for a 5 week session. Not to mention the cost of a plane ticket to get all the way to Maine. Guess that means I wasn't going to Camp Waziyatah. Call it the One Tree Hill and Real World for kids.

Here's the youtube video of the first episode:

Have a Magial Day!


  1. OMG!!! Bug juice!!! I used to watch the show all the time!! I'd be lying if I said I didn't wanna go to that camp at some point. lol!


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